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Rhapsody came to us from The
Netherlands. She is very sweet
and has a laid back personality,
although she is a bit on the
mischievious side at times! She is
very playful and adventurous and
loves to explore. Her favorite
pastime is watching squirrels in
the trees (and chasing them
when they dare her!). Rhapsody
is extremely smart and passes it
on to her offspring. A top trainer,
who trained one of her daughters
was VERY impressed with her
and said she could do it all. He
remarked on her european work
ethic and her abilities.
Rhapsody of the Morning Valley  
Previous Litters
Rhapsody is a little
smaller than her sister,
Radiance and weighs
about 70 lbs. Her coat is  
shorter than the
average Golden's coat
and smooth with light
feathering. She is eye,
heart, and hip certified
by board certified

Thank you, Morning
Valley for this
wonderful girl!