We took Shandora to the vet today.  One of the vets there specializes in Goldens.  Her
name is Dr. Rachel Becket.  She bred them for many years.  She came out to the
reception area while we were waiting because she knew we had an English Golden.  Dr.
Becket does not gush she is very matter of fact.  She took one look at Shandy, wanted to
stand her to see her conformation, pulled gently on each front leg, feeling the bones, lifted
her tail to see the profile and said, what a good breeding!  Her voice was so sincere and
professional!  She said Shandy was show quality beautiful.  Anyway, we got lots of
attention today and our girl was calm, friendly, loving throughout!
She continues doing her business as directed outdoors...you did a great job!
Manila Clough
Fine Art Glass Mosaics
St. Augustine, FL
Of course you may use my comments!  I was glad to have the testimonies you sent me
when I was considering bringing one of your puppies home.  
Speaking of websites, I am very bad about updating mine because I am busy making my
mosaics.  When we bought the little Goldendoodle, I was completely dazzled by their
website!  I know they employ dozens, if not more; one young man's only job was to
maintain the website and produce videos with adorable, happy, hip music.  Well!!  I
got lovestruck .  I got dazzled.  I got a dog that had health, but more insurmountable,
temperament problems.  So, when I began my search for Shandora, I liked the fact that
you apologized about not updating your website with photos etc.  That told me you were
pretty busy with the unending work of raising puppies and caring for the sires and
dams.  And, what mattered to me most was that you posted the important documents
(like pedigrees) for me to see for myself.  You know I was swimming around you in
cyberspace for almost a month and also  peppering you with questions via email.  You
always had time for prompt responses and always provided me with all the specifics I
requested like vet names and numbers so I could research you in real space.  
I think I am writing this to you as another way of saying thanks because my experience
with the Goldendoodle had left me so shell-shocked that I was extremely wary about
trusting another website/breeder.  I was thrilled when my vet spoke of " the good
breeding" because that spoke volumes to me about the quality of your puppies.
Manila Clough
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