These are our beautiful girls who have been retired. I know some people find
it very hard to understand how we could ever part with these precious pets,
which is something I struggled with long and hard when I placed my first
dog in a new "forever" home. After a tremendous deal of thought I realized
that I just could not give them all they deserved in their retirement years,
while I was yet breeding. Therefore I chose to do what I knew in my heart
was definitely in their best interest, which was to find a family that was
committed to giving them everything they needed to live a long, full, healthy,
happy life. And I HAVE found the very best homes I feel I could have ever
found for each one. They are now able to do so many things that they love to
do (boating, trips to the beach, vacations, playing in the snow, dog parks,
accompanying their family member to work, going to sidewalk cafes, etc)
which even though i would have loved to do them with my dogs, I either
don't have the time to devote my total attention to each one, or I wouldn't
take them places other dogs frequent or where we could pick up and bring
home something that could harm them or our puppies. I've heard so many
stories of such things happening. I myself could have infected all of Petsmart
with Parvo, when years ago (before i started breeding) my family and I
adopted 2 adorable Boxer mix puppies from the pound. Real soon after we
got them, we realized they had contracted the deadly disease of Parvo, before
coming to live with us. If I had taken them to a pet store, we could have
infected the whole place and made it dangerous for other dogs and puppies
coming in after us. Our puppies are well protected against most diseases, but
that's not the case with all puppies, and far too many people take them to
places like that before they've finished with their whole series of puppy
Anyways, we have found wonderful homes for each one of our beloved dogs,
where they will be able to live out the rest of their days smothered with love
and affection, be well taken care of and have everything they need. Each and
every one will hold a very special place in our hearts ALWAYS!
Our Retired Girls
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